Learn to make beer at home with your iPad.


HomeBrew Assistant is an iPad application (available at the App Store) that coaches you along the process of making beer at home -- even if you have never brewed before. However, if you have brewed before, then you have probably forgetten to add hops at the right time or forgotten to add "Irish Moss" or forgotten how long your beer has been aging -- this was the primary reason that I built HomeBrew Assistant. I have brewed over 100 recipes and usually have 3-4 recipes in progress all the time and I needed an application that would keep me organized. After buying an iPad, I thought "the battery life and form factor of the iPad would make a great platform for homebrewers like me." And so the journey began.

After building the calendar feature of HomeBrew Assistant, I decided I wanted to import recipes from the web and then make changes to them, which is really hard to do without brewing software to calculate the beer metrics like SRM, IBU, OG, FG, ABV -- so I added that capability. I'm a cost conscious brewer, so I added an inventory with cost per ingredient that I use when building a recipe so I could see what my per beer cost would be. Once I got into all-grain brewing (as a way to make better beer and lower my per beer cost), I knew I needed software to calculate mash temperatures and volumes and yeast starter sizes and refractometer corrections for FG and instead of pulling up a bunch of different web sites to calculate these each time, I decided to add it into HomeBrew Assistant as a centralized application from start to finish. I added email import and PDF email output so I could share recipes with brew buddies.

I use HomeBrew Assistant for all of my brewing and I'm constantly looking for ways to make it better and welcome suggestions, so I hope you enjoy the application and more importantly, "the beer that you make yourself." Happy HomeBrewing!

Brewing Calendar
  • Built in yearly and monthly calendar
  • See each batch's important brew activities at a glance
  • Drag and drop events to change fermentation schedule or beer aging schedule
  • Double-click events to jump to beer instructions in progress
  • Portrait and landscape mode supported to maximize screen orientation to your preference
  • Email recipes as BeerXML and PDF from calendar
  • Import recipes sent to you in Email
  • Airprint recipe
  • Examine batch log for each step of process
  • Examine scheduled alerts
Beer Recipes
  • Create or import beer recipes
  • Built-in browser allows you to import BeerXML recipes from the web
  • Bookmark your favorite beer recipe web sites
  • Modify recipes and watch the OG, FG, SRM, IBU, ABV automatically change
  • Create new recipes from scratch using the more than 400 built-in ingredients
  • Build or import "all-grain", "partial-mash", or "extract" recipes
  • Watch beer icon change color to match expected recipe color as you add ingredients
  • Use British Units or Metric
  • Ascending and descending sort of recipes by rating, abv, price, date brewed, color, or name
  • Categorize and filter by user defined category name
  • Find recipes or ingredients with type-ahead searching
  • Use your own photo for your beer
Brewing Checklist
  • Generate a checklist of each step required to create the batch from start to finish
  • Dynamically calculates water volumes and temperatures based on recipe ingredients
  • Calculates recommended yeast cells and yeast starter size
  • Brewing timers (hops, mash, boil, etc.) automatically generated so you don't miss a step
  • Timers run in the background and alert you even when the application is off
  • Built in example images to explain how each step of process should work
  • Built in links to more information for even more insight into each step
  • Modify the default formulas to control your beer profile even more
  • Learn how to harvest your yeast to save money on yeast
  • Edit, rearrange, remove, or add new custom instructions
  • Built in ingredient database of more than 400 items
  • Ingredient item color based on potential SRM color
  • Inventory decremented as you make a batch
  • Alerts show up as your inventory is depleted
  • Set price for each ingredient and have recipe cost calculated automatically
  • Break down cost by bottle to ensure maximum value
  • Filter recipe list to find recipes that use inventory on hand
  • Shopping list of batch needs